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Rule The Social Media With The Coolest Videos From
Video Booth 360
Social media is undoubtedly the place to be. Whether it is a company or an individual, a strong social media presence is what it takes to be noticed. What if you could add some glamour and awe to your social media existence?

There was a time when cute selfies and simple party videos impressed everyone on social media. Today, almost nothing seems to catch attention in the world of social media. But what if you get access to a Video spinner right in your event venue? Yes, this is possible. With InstPhotos' Video Booth 360, you are sure to grab eyeballs.

How does the Video Booth 360 work?

The Video spinner 360 shoots a short 360 video around the platform and transforms it into a fantastic mini-movie. The mini-movie is complete with all sound, light, and technology effects making it an unforgettable digital experience. That is not all. The InstPhotos 360 video booth rental includes setting up the booth along with customized backdrops, layouts, styles, frames, and completes personalization of the videos.

What is possible with the Video Booth 360?

With InstPhotos 360 degree panoramic video booth, you could create a whole new visual magic where you and your party guests look like stars, straight out of a fashion house. You can customize props, emojis, filters, add sounds, lights, and slow-motion to enhance the look of the panoramic video. The professionals from the Company would be more than happy, creating a unique tailor-made concept for the party venue. You could start a new trend with a fully customized set up at your event.

Your love for shooting memorable videos will find a technology partner in the Video spinner, creating next-level videos for your event in UAE. Whether it is a personal or professional event, Video Booth 360 is sure to turn heads and create magic, drawing all attention to your fact.

How can you experience the InstPhotos Video Booth 360?

The InstPhotos offers Video spinner 360 on hire to any venue in all of UAE for a fantastic entertainment video experience. You need to only hire the service for the few hours you want to use it. The video booth will be put up in the venue for creating branded videos and unforgettable memories for you and your guests. The 360 Video booth hire UAE is available for all types of events like marriages, birthdays, product launches, corporate events, and other parties. You will not be disappointed with the numerous attractive offers and discounts that add value to your experience.

Whether it is a corporate, personal, or social event, your event could find a place in the most talked-about ones with the InstPhotos 360 Video Booth in UAE. Remember, apart from blowing away the social media, the booth promises to create some unforgettable memories by capturing some special moments. Photos and videos help people relive good days and bring a smile onto faces.

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