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Fancy Photo Booth may provide various options: Photos, Animated GIF, Video and Green Screen.
Fancy Photo Booth is a perfect choice for any type of event. Colorful fancy pattern will make your party more elegant and memorable.
5 Reasons Why Photo Booth is the Best Selfie Option
In the ever-changing world of smartphones with killer cameras, one might wonder the use of Photo Booth in wedding or events. But believe it or not, the quality of selfies you can get on a photo booth will not even match your 48 MP phone camera.

Here are the top 5 reasons why photo booths are the best options for a perfect selfie:

1. Large Groups in Small Frames

Occasions are the best place to meet and create memories with your large group of friends and families. But the short range of smartphones or camera sometimes makes it challenging to capture all the faces in a single frame.

A Photo booth is made for large groups which gives you a perfect group selfie with its uniform picture plane.

2. Printing Options

We have a printing option in all our services. With the introduction of hashtag printer and instaprinter in wedding and events alongside photo booth, the guests can print the photos instantly.

The hashtag printing is a fun technology which enables you to print your recent Instagram posts using the hashtag you use.

3. Light Up your Selfies

Even though smartphones leave no opportunity to enhance the lightening options in your phone, the selfies still might look dull in bad lighting. A photo booth with a curtain and studio lighting is designed to give you high-quality images with perfect light to them.

4. A Whole New Concept

A new technology, magic mirror booth is added to the photo booth which takes your full-length images. The reflective touch screen on the mirror photo booth helps you take top-notch selfies and also edit your pictures using the on-screen paint editor.

It also helps print the photos in less than 10 seconds.

5. Memories

A photobooth is all about creating nostalgia worthy memories with your loved ones. The high quality makes your precious moments even more memorable. They also give you so many customization and editing options along with photo magnets which can find the perfect place on your fridge or cupboard.

Smartphones have a long list of issues which can be solved with photo booths for a flawless selfie. You can easily book the best Photo booth Rental in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and any other part of the UAE.

How it works

Choose some props and stay infront of the Photo Booth
Press the photo bottom on the screen and take a pose.
3,2,1... see your photo on the screen
Print as many photos as you need
Get your photos on your email at the same time
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